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ethernasol separator company specialized in solar and electric mobility projects

Go all-electric by installing rechargeable vehicle charging stations in your business or personal parking lot. 

Adapted solutions that can be combined with the power of solar panels for a hybrid product totally or partially in self-consumption.

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Bollard solutions for every need!


Get financing assistance by opting for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station, whether you are a private individual or a professional.

Our solutions

mobilite bollard photovoltaic

Couple your bollards with photovoltaic solutions

Smart hybrid solution.

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Our kiosk solutions

We offer a wide range of electric charging stations, from wall-mounted to powerful stations.

eternasol connected carport

Mobility & Energy

Self-consumption solution to recharge your electric bikes.

1. Charging stations with carports

3 / 6 / 9 kWp or more

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An ideal hybrid solution for professional parking lots. The terminals coupled with the panels, not only allow to amortize the costs related to the recharge, but also to bring shade and comfort for the vehicles of your employees.

We wish, with the current needs in energy transitions, to bring this kind of innovation to the greatest number and democratize the use of electric cars.

Opting for the connected carport means investing in your business and acting for the future of mobility.

carport connected eternasol solar panel marnes la vallée
carport connected eternasol solar panel marnes la vallée

2. The wall terminals

Copper SB

7.4 to 22 kW

Intelligent charging designed for endless possibilities. Developed and manufactured in Europe, the copper SB is guaranteed for 2 years. Its integrated plug allows it to recharge any vehicle on the market.

Install your charging station safely indoors or outdoors.

Wallbox eNext Park

7.4 to 22 kW

With its robust and UV-resistant casing, the Wal box is designed to be installed both inside and outside companies and parking lots. The integrated charge management system allows two electric vehicles to be charged simultaneously, even when the station is not using its maximum power.

Can be installed on a mounting stand if there is no wall available.

3. Bollards on feet

eVolve Smart

From 7.4 to 22 kW

Versatile, the eVolve Smart is suitable for both public areas (urban areas, shopping centers, parking lots, airports, gas stations, etc.) and private areas (companies, private parking lots, etc.).

Equipped with the same innovations as its wall-mounted version, this new range, robust, includes certified meters, electrical protections and allows accessibility to people with reduced mobility.


From 60 to 350 kW

Supernova embodies the next generation of public charging stations. It is a complete line of DC charging stations that fit perfectly in any public location.

Equipped with a new generation fast charger, it offers a reliable and efficient operation.

Optional integrated contactless secure payment.

4. Bollard stations


50 or 100 kW

With larger batteries and greater autonomy, the raption is the ideal solution for quickly recharging new electric vehicles.

Integrated secure contactless payment.


150 to 350 kW

Based on the latest modular power technologies, the terminal allows for maximum power utilization and adapts to new market requirements as car batteries become more and more powerful.

The raption150 is ideally suited for applications where recharging time is crucial. It is therefore ideal for service stations and rest areas on expressways.

Optional integrated contactless secure payment.

eternasol connected carport

5. The self-consumption bicycle charging carport

6 kWp

Invest in electric mobility!

This easy-to-access and modular innovation allows 100% self-consumption charging of electric bicycles. Useful in urban areas, it is also of interest in rural areas cut off from any electrical network.

This solution allows you to create a relay point for anyone who needs to recharge their bike or any electronic device.

eternasol connected carport

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