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ETERNASOL starts its activity

Company born in Occitania, radiant territory, Eternasol is the contraction of "eternal" and "sun", we are convinced that the future is in the use of what there is above our heads instead of what there is below our feet.

The current geopolitical activity and climate issues have never had such an impact on the energy sector. Eternasol wants to reform this market, which is often taken over by large groups, to put the power back in the hands of the people who want it, that is, you.

In order to simplify the energy transition for everyone, Eternasol accompanies you and advises you throughout the process with tailor-made studies to promote your independence.

By engaging with us, you will not only save money on your electricity costs but also help reduce your carbon emissions. 

With us there is no greenwashing. Here we believe in transparency, and tend towards less polluting solutions, more local and will continue in this way. Opting for solar energy is a wise choice for your terminal, your parking lots, sheds, roofs ... It is in its use a reliable solution, sustainable and decarbonated.

The idea is not to praise the merits of a "miracle" solution but to allow you to use what seems to us to be, at the moment, the best possible choice in order to play a role for the future of our world.